Project Manager


In 2021, Hollow Oak Land Trust is celebrating 30 years as a unique environmental organization that combines land conservation with trail advocacy. In its mission to protect and connect greenspace, Hollow Oak focuses on land acquisition, environmental stewardship, sustainable multi-use trails, and the creation of multi-municipal greenways.

The Project Manager is a full time, salaried, exempt position responsible for promoting, organizing and implementing projects to support the operations of Hollow Oak Land Trust.  The Project Manager works directly with the Executive Director, as well as volunteers, partner organizations, and clients.


  • Engagement of Members, Donors and Volunteers
  • Develop the communications plan for engaging Hollow Oak supporters
  • Plan and coordinate events
  • Lead membership campaigns, donor programs, and member communications
  • Produce reports and analysis with DonorPerfect CRM software
  • Update and maintain CRM database

Volunteer Management

  • Plan and manage volunteer projects related to land & water stewardship and trails
  • Recruit, retain and engage volunteers through social media and partnerships
  • Create positive relationships with volunteers, clients, landowners, and land managers
  • Educate and manage volunteers in safety protocols and project implementation
  • Oversee scheduling of events to ensure excellent delivery of services
  • Provide excellent customer service to volunteers and partner organizations
  • Assist volunteers in acquiring equipment and supplies for projects
  • Track project outcomes

Trail Services & Business Development

  • Oversee full life cycle of trail projects, including planning, coordination, and implementation
  • Create and manage project proposals, bids, contracts, subcontracts, invoices, project documentation, and job cost analysis
  • Coordinate project planning with colleagues, partners, clients and volunteers
  • Manage volunteers and contractors for successful implementation of trail projects
  • Actively participate in trail project implementation
  • Collect and manage GIS data for project planning, mapping, reporting and program support
  • Develop program-based marketing efforts and promotional materials

Marketing and Communications

  • Develop and implement communications strategies
  • Manage social media platforms and campaigns
  • Update and maintain content for the Hollow Oak website
  • Write and format content for the Hollow Oak newsletter in Constant Contact
  • Publish articles and social media posts
  • Create PR and marketing materials such as articles, press releases, and brochures
  • Implement targeted mailings to members and constituents
  • Represent Hollow Oak in outreach activities


  • Develop project budgets and forecasting
  • Track and report project data
  • Evaluate programs and provide feedback
  • Implement policies and procedures in best practices, risk management, and safety guidelines
  • Assist with grant applications and grant reports
  • Assist with identification of potential funders, including private foundations, government agencies, and corporations


  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Experience with donor-based software
  • Background in digital marketing, communications, social media
  • Experience recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Experience with sustainable trail design
  • Extensive knowledge of trail use, such as hiking, mountain biking, and trail running
  • Experience with GIS and digital mapping applications
  • Experience in nonprofit organization management
  • Experience working with government agencies
  • B.A/B.S. degree in related field (e.g. business management, fundraising, marketing, consulting, natural sciences, engineering, parks & recreation) or similar combination of experience and education
  • Skilled in a variety of office-based software systems, e.g., MS Office, PowerPoint, Google Apps, Zoom
  • Knowledge of flora, fauna and wildlife habitat restoration


  • Ability to walk on uneven, rough and steep terrain, handle and manipulate objects and tools
  • Ability to stand, sit, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl and navigate stairs
  • Ability to carry items weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to withstand conditions including cold, heat, humidity, direct sunlight, dust, pollen, as well as wet and slippery conditions
  • Ability to walk up to three miles to remote worksites
  • Ability to safely operate hand tools for trail maintenance


This position offers a competitive salary in the $40,000-$50,000 range with traditional benefits package found with other nonprofit organizations of similar size, scope, and scale.


Please send your cover letter, resume and two writing samples to:

Board Development Consultant

Hello Neighbor has experienced rapid growth from its inception in 2017. The Board of Directors has evolved from a “working” to a governance Board. Hello Neighbor seeks a consultant to work alongside the Board to: (1) formalize and update its bylaws, processes and procedures; (2) create a set of shared expectations for Board members and staff; and (3) advise the Board how it can best serve the organization as Hello Neighbor continues to grow and scale nationally.

Project Deliverables and Specifications

  • Review bylaws and other governance documents and recommend enhancements in line with best practices for professionalized nonprofit organizations;
  • Create a framework and supporting materials for identifying, screening, electing, onboarding, and evaluating board members;
  • Assist in identifying the respective roles and responsibilities for board members and staff;
  • Review existing committee structure and goals and recommend enhancements or future opportunities;
  • Create a process for succession planning for board officers and committee chairs;
  • Review existing executive director evaluation process and recommend enhancements;
  • Propose guidelines for effective communication between board and staff, including board reporting, enhancements to how board meetings are conducted and a calendar of annual milestones;
  • Other needs as identified by board, staff, and/or consultant throughout engagement

Application Instructions

Proposals will be accepted until February 26th. Please email proposals to

Completed proposals should include the following elements:

  • Cover letter outlining interest in the project and relevant experience
  • Proposal of services, including a timeline and proposed fee
  • References for at least 2 similar client projects

Proposal Evaluation Timeline

Competitive proposals will be invited to interview in early March with the engagement expected to begin mid-March.

Capital Campaign Consultant

RFP Purpose

Gwen’s Girls (GG) seeks proposals from fundraising consultants interested in working with our organization to (i) assess the philanthropic community’s interest in supporting a capital campaign; and (ii) develop a capital campaign based on such assessment. The goal of the capital campaign is to address the need of expansion and the construction of a new facility to consolidate and expand services to girls and their families, with a focus on Black girls due to this being the primary demographic that live in the communities that we serve. The Gwen’s Girls Board, CEO and staff expect to collaborate actively with the selected firm in the work to ensure that the deliverables meet GG’s expectations and the needs of the girls it serves.

Gwen’s Girls

Gwen’s Girls’ mission is to empower girls and young women to have productive lives through holistic, gender-specific programs, education, and experiences. Their vision is one of the girls becoming self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity to continuously evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually; building strong family units; developing a strong support system; and contributing to community life.

Since 2002, Gwen’s Girls has helped more than 6000 young people avoid the traps of poverty. Our programs are working. In the 2018-2019 fiscal year

  • 100% of our girls advanced to the next grade level.
  • 100% of our girls did not become pregnant.
  • 100% did not become re-involved with the juvenile justice system.

When given the opportunity, any girl can succeed.

Gwen’s Girls has several programs, located across the Pittsburgh community.  They include: school and community based programs, afterschool and summer programs, STEM Initiative, career and workforce readiness programs, clinical mental health services and the Academic Support Initiative.  For the last five years and as a leader in the Black Girls’ Equity Alliance, Gwen’s Girls has convened an annual equity summit and awards ceremony.  Gwen’s Girls CEO Kathi Elliott was recognized in the US Senate in February 2020 by Senator Bob Casey as a strong and effective community leader in service to the Commonwealth’s children.

Gwen’s Girls has achieved much, but have facilities and programs scattered across the community.  Consolidation of some programs and staff will allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Gwen’s Girls work, service, reputation and aspiration have led its staff and board  leadership to recognize the need for a facility that demonstrates respect for those served and can promote future growth in programs and services that lead to positive development of the girls.  They seek a facility that sends a clear message first to the girls and then to the larger community of the value and potential of investing in Black girls and their future.  This facility will be conveniently located to facilitate all girls and their families’ use and engagement.

Since its inception in 2002, under the legendary leadership of Commander Gwen Elliott, Gwen’s Girls has received strong financial support from the Department of Human Services and other government resources as well as generous gifts from private foundations.  With an annual operating budget in excess of $2.5 million, GG has been carefully and responsibly managed.

A strong and committed board is in place.  A capital campaign committee of respected community leaders active with Gwen’s Girls over the years will be appointed by the Board and led by a powerful Chair or Co-Chairs. There is both need and opportunity for increased giving by individuals and corporations. A capital campaign plan is expected to include support from all these revenue sources. Consideration of alignment with the operating budget donors during and after the campaign is expected as part of the plan.  The capital campaign goal will be inclusive of not only bricks and mortar, fixtures, furniture and equipment but will also include sufficient funds for the first year of operation and plans for donor stewardship going forward.

The anticipated goal is currently estimated at $4 million to be raised from foundations, corporations and individuals with support from the City of Pittsburgh, the URA and other governmental sources.  After a feasibility study is conducted to set the realistic goals and strategy for the campaign, a campaign of 24 months will commence. The campaign will seek lead gifts, proportional gifts from foundations and corporations, major donors.

Campaign Consultant Engagement

The estimated goal of this campaign is $4 million. We anticipate a three-phase project:

  • Phase 1 – Assessment of the philanthropic community’s interest · Conduct confidential interviews with GG’s leadership, directors and others · Identify and evaluate resources available to support a capital campaign · Identify challenges to a successful capital campaign · Identify potential prospects · Complete an audit to assess internal capabilities to support a campaign · Present findings to GG’s leadership and directors
  • Phase 2 – Audit of the philanthropic community’s interest · Develop GG’s case statement and story · Conduct confidential interviews with potential prospects · Determine realistic campaign goals · Present recommendations to GG’s leadership and directors
  • Phase 3 – Develop a campaign plan · Develop campaign plan, including specific goals for dollars raised, milestones, solicitation strategies · Develop a campaign calendar · Develop a campaign budget · Assist in the development of campaign materials · Present recommendations to GG’s leadership and directors

Evaluation Process and Criteria

The RFP will be published and notice of its release sent to a select number of firms with relevant experience. The RFP and any addenda will also be available on GG’s website. GG will select the firm based on its professed ability to meet the overall expectations of GG. The Board of Directors will be the judge of which submission offers the greatest benefit to GG. The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Responsiveness and completeness of the response provided to the RFP.
  • Experience and qualifications of consultant and management team, including demonstrated knowledge of planning, management, evaluation skills, and experience.
  • Technical quality and methodology of consultant’s approach to organizing and managing the project; ability to document information and recommendations clearly in written format.
  • Understanding the project objectives and scope. Ability of the consultant and management team to communicate and build consensus with board members, staff and other key stakeholders.
  • Ability of the consultant and management team to communicate with various governmental units, corporations and private foundations.
  • Past and current projects.
  • References and examples of completed consulting projects. Satisfaction of former clients with competency of completed work.
  • Overall project management and ability to accomplish a project of this nature within the proposed time schedule.

Proposed Schedule

Gwen’s Girls would like to move quickly in the selection of campaign counsel and implementation of Phase 1. The selected firm should be prepared to begin work immediately after a contract is signed with the goal of completing work on the following preliminary schedule:

  • RFP released December 1, 2020
  • Applications due by January 10,2021
  • Consultant Selection by February 1, 2021
  • Completion of Phase 1 – March 15, 2021
  • Completion of Phase 2 – May 1, 2021
  • Completion of Phase 3 – June 30, 2021

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated by GG staff, board and organizational development consultant. Unsuccessful respondents will be notified as soon as possible. GG is under no obligation to make a selection under this RFP, and it reserves the right to make any selection it chooses. GG reserves the right to reject any and all submissions at its sole discretion, accept a proposal based on considerations other than cost, and waive or modify any provision of this RFP.  Digital submissions are due by no later than 5:00 pm EST, January 10, 2021 to: Kathi Elliott, CEO Gwen’s Girls at  Late submissions will not be accepted. All proposals will be held in strictest confidence. An acknowledgement will be sent for each proposal received.

Required Information

The following should be included in the submission in the stated order:


  1. Cover letter with firm’s name, address, email, phone and fax number.
  2. Contact person’s name, address, email, phone and fax number.
  3. Statement of philosophy.
  4. A concise statement that demonstrates the organization’s understanding of the project and scope of services sought by GG.
  5. Description of the organization’s approach to the project.
  6. Description of the implementation of the project, include listing of specific tasks.
  7. Proposed completion date and timeline of the project.
  8. Description of any additional consultants that will perform work as part of your proposal. Provide names, addresses, and relevant experience for additional consultants.

Organization History/Experience

  1. Number of years in business.
  2. Type of organization.
  3. Type of ownership, identify owners, partners, etc.
  4. Geographical areas of operation.
  5. Professional affiliations.


  1. List of principals and stakeholders.
  2. Description of the size and composition of your organization.
  3. An organizational chart.
  4. Resumes of the proposed project manager and other key personnel proposed to be assigned to this project (the “team”)

Experience and References

  1. Discuss your organization’s experience and in particular, the team’s experience with capital campaigns.
  2. Identify three completed similar projects, that the identified key personnel have completed within the last five (5) years which best represent the skills of the organization and the team.
    1. For these projects provide:
      1. Name and address of client.
      2. Name, telephone number, and email address of the client contact person.
      3. Summary of the project, include year completed.

Other Information

Provide other pertinent information that makes you qualified for the proposed project.

Fee Structure

Provide information on your proposed fee structure which separately lists each service and related fee based on the scope of the project discussed above, separately stating, if necessary, any charges for anticipated reimbursable costs. This structure should be expressed as a “fee not to exceed” figure which itemizes all services included in the proposed fee, as well as an itemized list of what would be considered “additional services” if requested by GG.


Gwen’s Girls, Inc.  is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer providing equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, or national origin.  This policy includes the handicapped and all Vietnam-era veterans.  Gwen’s Girls, Inc. utilizes only job-related criteria in making decisions concerning applicants and employees.

Temporary Telephonic Client Services Coordinator

(12 to 18 month assignment)

The Telephonic Client Services Coordinator provides accurate and timely food resource information over the phone to community members. Successful candidates provide outstanding customer service to all individuals regardless of background or age. The ideal candidate has impeccable listening skills used to assess callers’ needs and determine the most appropriate course of action. The coordinator will work collaboratively with internal Food Bank team members to refer callers to additional programs and provide resource navigation to external organizations as needed. Patience, empathy, and a passion for helping others is vital.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide incoming callers with the most current and accurate information for all food assistance programs and other relevant resources
  • Refer clients to available resources by following specified written telephonic protocols
  • Complete over the phone pre-screenings for various programs and provide application assistance as needed
  • Listen, assess and troubleshoot issues related to accessing food assistance programs as needed.
  • Complete all follow-up procedures required to maintain client records and data collection
  • Adhere to all outlined protocols regarding security and confidentiality to protect personal client information.
  • Provide excellent customer service to all incoming referrals.
  • Communicate clearly and listen effectively in order to determine best referral program to meet current need.
  • Support all call center team members to guarantee success
  • Complete filing, mailing and clerical tasks as needed
  • Attend staff meetings and other meetings as required
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Required Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma required; Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Must have Call Center experience
  • Must have one or more years customer service within a nonprofit
  • Must be highly comfortable working with MS Office: i.e. Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Must be able to be patient and “keep their cool” with difficult and/or emotional callers
  • Able to meet crises calmly, solve problems, maintain attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong interpersonal, time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Bilingual in Spanish a plus
  • Able to work on a team and interact effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and personalities
  • Able to work with a minimum of supervision and show appropriate levels of initiative

Certificates: Hiring is contingent on candidate passing the following clearances that are paid for by the Food Bank: FBI Clearance, Act 33 & Act 34 Clearances


The preceding job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all responsibilities, duties, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.

How to Apply:  Go to click apply, create a login, fill out our online application and attach resume and cover letter.

Strategic Options Consultant

Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh is dedicated to making our region more inclusive and respectful of all ages. Our mission is to bring generations together to reimagine how our neighborhoods are built and to advance equity through advocacy, education and innovation. A region that’s more accessible and welcoming is better for older people—and better for everyone.

We are looking for a Strategic Options Consultant (eight months; January-August 2021) to guide us as we establish an organizational structure to position the project for growth and sustainability. We need this structure in place by June 30, 2021.

Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh is an initiative of Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging (SWPPA), a volunteer-led organization with 300+ members (business leaders, nonprofit professionals, scholars) representing more than one million older adults across 10 counties. Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh is funded primarily by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, and currently has two full-time staffers.

The age-friendly framework—which is very broad, calling for accessible, user-friendly transportation, housing and more—was started by the World Health Organization and is led by AARP in the U.S., where there are 485 participating communities to date.


Phase I: Exploration

  • Strategize with the SWPPA team about potential “homes” for Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh
    • With deep understanding of the region, lead conversations about the pros and cons of embedding the project within a government, university, nonprofit organization or other entity, or establishing our own 501(c)(3)
    • Advise regarding the implications of organizational structure on funding sustainability and partnership across sectors in the Pittsburgh region, pointing to examples of successful collaborations
    • Counsel SWPPA team as we narrow and rank a list of potential options
  • Organize and lead discussions between SWPPA team and potential organizational partners (i.e., prospective “homes” primarily)
    • Leverage professional network to secure meetings with potential organizational partners
    • Prepare all meeting materials, including a script with questions to ask potential partners
    • Act as an advocate for Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh during discussions related to roles, expectations, benefits and structure (e.g., governance, reporting, departmental support)
    • Arrange virtual meetings and handle all communication before and after

Phase II: Operational Transition

  • Establish a course of action for the transition to a new organizational structure
    • Lead negotiations as SWPPA develops an agreement(s) with an organizational partner(s), ensuring that it is reflective of conversations throughout the exploration process
    • Develop a clear, user-friendly document that outlines Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh’s new organizational structure and operations
    • Advise on how/when/what to communicate with key stakeholders, including Hillman, the SWPPA Board and other longtime partners


  1. A report documenting the exploration process, key learnings and decisions about organizational structure
  2. A presentation of this report to the SWPPA Board and other key stakeholders
  3. A document outlining the new organizational structure and operations
  4. Draft communications to stakeholders announcing new organizational structure


  • Demonstrated success in nonprofit management consulting
  • Excellent written, verbal, research, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to building relationships with partners from diverse personal and professional backgrounds
  • Genuine interest in working on issues facing older adults and bridging gaps between generations
  • Deep understanding of the business/government/nonprofit sectors in Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, as well as knowledge of the regional landscape
  • Experience organizing and running virtual meetings

To Apply: Email a brief proposal along with a resume, relevant work sample, pricing and note of introduction to with the subject line “Strategic Options Consultant.” Applications accepted through Monday, November 16.

AcePGH Manager

Position Context: Mayor William Peduto and OnePGH are piloting an experiment to determine how a guaranteed base income (GBI) could address poverty and create more access and opportunity for residents and their families struggling in the modern economy. Assured Cash Experiment Pittsburgh (AcePGH) is modeled after the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED), which was the nation’s first municipal-level GBI program. Comparable to SEED, AcePGH will evaluate how an income floor of $500 a month can improve the economic security of and well-being of the City of Pittsburgh residents. AcePGH will launch in the first quarter of 2021.

Position Description: Mayor William Peduto and OnePGH are searching for a highly skilled and motivated individual to serve as the full-time Manager for this groundbreaking initiative that has already garnered significant national attention. For the length of the pilot, the AcePGH Manager will coordinate the overall administration of AcePGH, manage research and storytelling partners, and serve as the point of contact for Pittsburgh recipients.

For more information, please visit:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Consultant

Project Objective: PennFuture and Conservation Voters of PA (CVPA) invite proposals from qualified individuals or firms to facilitate our respective efforts to develop and implement fully integrated institutional best practices to ensure that we become more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse organizations, including:

  • Assessment: Assess current organizational policies, practices, and culture to identify manifestations and root causes of bias and inequity.
  • Framework & Skill Building: Provide DEIJ training to staff, managers, and board as well as develop DEIJ tools and best practices for the organizations.
  • Goal Setting & Implementation: Help staff establish a clear equity vision and associated DEIJ goals as well as accountability structures towards implementing the goals.
  • HR Support: Support the development and implementation of best practices to further internal DEIJ values and goals.
  • Integration: Establish guidance and recommendation in order to fully integrate DEIJ into each organization’s programs, operations, and culture.

For more details, please check out the RFP at

Interested individuals or firms should submit their proposal to both Jay Andrews at and Hillary Mohaupt at no later than September 18, 2020. Please include the subject line: “DEIJ RFP Application.”

Director of Development

SCOPE OF WORK                                                                                                                                         

The Director of Development is a full time senior management position that reports directly to the Executive Director (ED).  The person in this role is responsible for identifying and cultivating various sources of funding, including, but not necessarily limited to, foundations, corporations, individuals, and the public sector to meet the agency’s short and long-term operational, capital, and special program funding needs. As such, this person is also responsible for suggesting annual and longer-term fundraising goals to the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board of Directors and develops action plans to achieve these goals. The Director of Development oversees the implementation of all fundraising strategies and evaluates each. The Director of Development participates in the administrative meetings and decision-making processes of the senior management.  In addition, the Director of Development supervises and oversees the work of the Development Associate.



  1. Create an annual development/fundraising plan with specific fundraising goals based on the agency’s strategic plan and on prior year’s performance, needs of the organization, and fundraising potential.
  2. Develop detailed action plans to achieve fundraising goals that include areas of responsibility, budget, and time-line.
  3. Work with Development Committee and Executive Director to review and approve the development plan and action plans.
  4. Keep the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board of Directors apprised of relevant fundraising information.
  5. Include, as much as possible, new and creative methods of fundraising in each year’s plans.
  6. Work with development associate in development related planning processes.

Individual Donor Cultivation and Solicitation

  1. Plan, organize and lead an annual individual donor campaign.
  2. Identify, recruit and train leadership campaign volunteers.
  3. Identify new individual donor prospects, research and identify donor interests, and provide customized recognition and donor appreciation activities that extend throughout the year.
  4. Grow a major gifts program including identification, cultivation and solicitation of major donors
  5. Assure that all donors are thanked promptly and given information about the value and use of their gift.
  6. Develop materials and articulate an effective cause for giving.
  7. Evaluate the annual campaign through discussions with all key actors and distribute formal evaluative reports to these individuals as well as to the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board.

Foundation and Corporate Solicitation

  1. Do adequate research to identify prospective funders and foundations whose interests parallel the Agency’s needs.
  2. Learn as much as possible about prospects from directories, annual reports, and from other organizations that the prospect has previously funded.
  3. Use volunteer leadership to the maximum extent possible when setting up meetings with prospects, during meetings, and when doing follow-ups.
  4. Write professional, accurate, and visually pleasing proposals.
  5. If appropriate, re-contact foundation/corporate prospect with relevant information after submission of a proposal but before the decision date.
  6. Cultivate foundations and corporations with progress and final reports regarding use of funds, donor updates, annual reports, and other relevant information.
  7. Evaluate the foundation and corporate fundraising program with the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board.

Special Events

  • Plan for the use of special events as a fundraising strategy, including financial and visibility goals.
  • Supervise the development associate in leading the events planned.
  • Identify, recruit and train volunteers to manage the events.
  • Assure quality planning, organization, and implementation of special events.
  • Evaluate special events through discussions with all key actors and distribute formal evaluative reports to the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board.

Governmental Funding

  1. Identify opportunities to acquire new governmental funding.
  2. Cultivate all contacts, both within and outside of governmental circles, to acquire governmental funding.
  3. Cultivate governmental funders with progress and final reports regarding the use of funds, donor updates, annual reports, and other relevant information.
  4. Evaluate the governmental fundraising program with the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board.


  1. Strengthen and manages all aspects of internal and external Agency communications.
  2. Generate and publishes annual reports and other external communications.
  3. Generate presentations and reports.
  4. Ensure relevant website and social media content are current/up-to-date

Volunteer Management

  1. Delegate, as much as possible, to volunteers to make the Development Program as “volunteer driven” as possible to maximize the fundraising potential of the agency.
  2. Assure that volunteers are adequately recognized and thanked.

Planned Giving

  1. Assure the quality planning, organization, and implementation of the planned giving program.
  2. Develop materials and compelling messages to invite planned giving options for individuals committed to the agency.
  3. Identify, recruit and secure planned gifts.
  4. Identify and trains volunteers to solicit planned gifts.
  5. Evaluate the planned giving program through discussions with all key actors and distribute formal evaluative reports to the Executive Director, Development Committee, and Board.

Board of Directors

  1. Attend board meetings and provide input about the issues and tasks being considered.
  2. As required by the Executive Director, make regular programmatic reports.
  3. As required by the Board of Directors, make special programmatic reports.

Supervision and Leadership

  1. Provide ongoing feedback and regular supervision to development associate
  2. Conduct timely and accurate performance reviews
  3. Maintain accountability of development associate activities
  4. Assure that development associate has adequate skills, information and resources to complete their work
  5. Track and document work performed, providing reports to ED of program activities

Fiscal Operations

  1. Supervise development associate to ensure compliance with agency policies in terms of keeping accurate and up-to-date development fiscal records.
  2. Keep the fundraising software system organized and assures that multiple employees are knowledgeable regarding the use of software.
  3. Develop and present to the Executive Director for approval annual and/or project budgets for the development department and/or its fund-raising and public relations projects.


  • A four (4) year degree from an accredited institution of higher learner, and at least seven (7) years of progressive experience in nonprofit fund development.
  • Three (3) years in a supervisory role with a medium to large nonprofit organization.
  • Appropriate FBI, PA Act 33/34 fingerprint clearances.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office.
  • Must have access to reliable transportation, a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License, and a driving record that will be support the Persad’s liability insurance provider.


  • Graduate degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Public Administration, Finance, or Nonprofit Management from an accredited institution of higher learning, and at least 10 years of progressive experience in nonprofit fund development.

Additional position requirements

  • Physical and TB test
  • Complete online Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training
  • Financial background clearance


  • Will be determined by experience and qualifications.
  • Other benefits include (health, dental, vision, life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance)


  • Persad Center, Inc. is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate, exclude or otherwise deny employment opportunities to any qualified candidate on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability/handicap, gender, gender identity/expression, national origin, place of birth, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and/or any other characteristic(s) protected under local, state, or federal laws in any of its hiring/employment practices and activities.  All employment decisions shall be made without regard of any of these characteristics.


Submit cover letter, resume, and contact information for three (3) professional references to:

Persad Center
5301 Butler Street, Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
ATTN: Carlos Torres


As soon as possible

Program Outcomes and Evaluation Consultant

Reports to: Executive Director


The consultant will conduct the following roles:

  1. Design and implement data collection and recording processes.
  2. Assess program impact (e.g., short and long term outcomes)
  3. Provide an overview of the number and type of students/families impacted.
  4. Develop processes that reflect best practices
  5. Ensure that meaningful reports can be delivered at regular intervals for program assessment and to educate diverse stakeholders.

Overview of Tasks:

The consultant will collaborate with HCEF’s administrative and program team to:

  1. Assess the internal capacity to collect and compile data for all HCEF programs.
  2. Review evaluation forms and measurements based on pre-established program goals.
  3. Reach consensus on necessary recurring reports, with specificity as to deadlines, the specific staff responsible and report content.
  4. Develop an understanding of what data are available; data gaps, and essential data.
  5. Recommend needed adjustments and improvements; suggest resources needed to institute suggestions.
  6. Facilitate data collection and analysis.
  7. Establish a data process calendar (e.g., benchmarks regarding the data flow entry, process, analysis, forms, and reports).
  8. Ensure that each program manager, instructor, and volunteer understands their role in collecting and submitting data as part of the day to day service delivery, ensure that timelines are met.
  9. Assist with data gathering (e.g., interview protocol and questionnaire development).
  10. Train staff on qualitative data collection processes (e.g., how/when/how often to conduct interviews with select program participants)
  11. Design a system that produces meaningful, concise program reports which can be delivered to program managers, board, donors, and the general public at regular intervals.

Skills & Qualifications:

The consultant should have a strong background in:

  • Technical expertise
  • Program data analysis
  • Project management
  • Collaboration with the organization staff

Qualified applicants should also:

  • Believe in the mission of HCEF; sensitivity to issues of students experiencing homelessness.
  • Master’s degree and experience working on evaluation projects of a similar scope and nature.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; diplomacy and ability to problem-solve.
  • Technical expertise in databases such as Salesforce.

Job Details:

Serve as an independent contractor; Estimated hours average 20-25 per week

Reports to Executive Director; One year engagement

Submit resume and Cover letter indicating hourly rate to

Contract Grantwriter

Procopia seeks an energetic, experienced contract grantwriter to join our flexible team. The successful candidate will have experience in and enthusiasm for preparing grant proposals for a wide array of nonprofit organizations in diverse fields of service. Depending on the project, the grantwriter will work directly through Procopia management or engage in client-facing services.

We are looking for curious, upbeat team members who bring skill and confidence, strong customer relations, and utmost professionalism. We love our work and we bring our whole selves to the job – we’re looking for someone we both enjoy working with and who gets the job done on time and within budget.

Procopia is a consultancy serving nonprofit organizations. The company is led by a management team and a bench of skilled contractors performing grant writing, fundraising, strategic planning, evaluation and program design services. This position is flexible but requires occasional on-site meetings with clients in the Pittsburgh region. Procopia does not guarantee regular hours and we are seeking individuals comfortable with the variability of a consulting role.

Compensation is competitive and based on experience.

Our Values:

  • Upbeat, Positive Approach
  • Professionalism and Timeliness
  • Clear, Direct Communication
  • Spirit of Collaboration and Shared Goals

Benefits of Joining Our Team

  • Flexible work schedule and load
  • Work from home or coworking options available
  • Professional development opportunities available
  • Clients sourced by Procopia; if sourced by you, referral bonuses available
  • Affiliation with a strong, trusted brand
  • Overhead and administration of contracts, legalities, compliance, invoicing, marketing and more all handled by Procopia

What You’ll Do:

  • Manage 1-3 nonprofit grantwriting clients and create grant projects (60%)
  • Communicate directly with clients on a regular basis via email and phone (20%)
  • Meet clients in person in the Pittsburgh region as necessary (10%)
  • Provide light strategic guidance to clients in foundation approach (e.g. reviewing foundation priorities and suggesting possible program matches) (10%)

About You:

  • Experience in preparing grant proposals for private foundation sources
  • Strong understanding of Western Pennsylvania philanthropic sector
  • Self-starting and independent worker
  • Project management capability to ensure our work is delivered on-time and within budget
  • Enthusiasm and customer-oriented disposition
  • Passion for strong written and verbal communication
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Dropbox, Zoom and other digital tools
  • Bachelor’s degree

Not Required, But Helpful:

  • Experience managing multiple client relationships
  • Experience in preparing federal funding proposals
  • Experience using the Foundation Directory online research tools
  • Based in Pittsburgh

Application Process

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining why you are interested in the position and your resume to Stay-at-home parents, semi-retired pros, and other nonconformists encouraged to apply. Please use the subject line “Procopia Contract Grantwriter.”

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with first review of candidates in late June.