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The Professional Development and Advancement Manager is a member of Diversified Care Management’s Youth Support Partner (YSP) Unit, an affiliate of the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS). The unit employs young adults as Youth Support Partners, who are former recipients of services from DHS, to work with youth and young adults actively receiving DHS services. The focus of this effort is to positively engage youth and mentor empowerment and self-advocacy skills. These skills are developed and utilized in planning for the youth’s current situation and future planning.

The Professional Development and Advancement Manager will be responsible for overseeing the professional development and advancement opportunities for all staff within the YSP Unit. Working collaboratively with members of the leadership team, this newly developed position will build off of existing models and develop a stronger culture and plan for professional development of all staff, including skill building for current roles in the YSP Unit and pathways for educational or professional advancement for the future. This individual will bring a wealth of experience working on professional and workforce development that will strengthen the unique model of the YSP Unit. Incumbent will work collaboratively with a team of individuals committed to strengthening the operations and functions of the YSP Unit staff. This position fosters the strength-based approach and culture of the unit, and refines the challenges that the YSP Unit faces.

The primary responsibilities of the Professional Development and Advancement Manager are to ensure a comprehensive approach and implementation of professional development and training for the staff, as well as for staff education and career advancement opportunities.  Local and long-distance travel as required. Additional responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing the planning and implementation of professional development services, including planning, training and tracking efforts for all staff within the YSP Unit.
  • Facilitating workforce development opportunities for staff, including planning, training and tracking for staff and unit growth.
  • In collaboration with the leadership team, leads the planning and rollout of professional development collaborations to help all staff obtain the tools to achieve goals in the YSP Unit and for ongoing education and professional opportunities, including for when staff are no longer Youth Support Partners.
  • Engaging in supporting supervisory staff with identifying professional development or career advancement opportunities for their staff.
  • Developing and maintaining an internal calendar and tracking tools for all trainings, coaching and educational opportunities for all staff.
  • Arranging for trainings and coaching on various topics needed for YSP Unit staff and offering training/coaching, as needed.
  • Facilitating the development and maintenance of a system to evaluate the skill, experience and professional development needs of all staff and the unit overall.
  • Preparing and delivering reports on staff professional development, coaching, trainings, accomplishments, challenges, etc.
  • Coordinating projects, peer mentoring/coaching, activities and case supervision of the Youth Support Coordinators.
  • Helping to develop the unit’s strategic plans, both current and annual, and helping to set unit goals for 1, 3, and 5 years out with the leadership team.
  • Assisting with the development of YSP Unit Training and Curriculum materials and manuals.
  • Demonstrating initiative in seeking out appropriate resources and pursuing professional advancement for staff at a variety of levels; securing and maintaining relevant coaching credentials (i.e. HFW credential, SFW, LSFW, etc.) and ensuring all staff are aware of their coaching requirements.
  • Helping to enhance the unit’s excellence by establishing benchmarks, timelines and resources needed to achieve strategic goals around staff professional development and career advancement.
  • Instilling a sense of accountability among all team members by helping role model performance and holding staff to individual and organizational performance standards.
  • Serving as an active member of the Youth Support Partner Unit leadership team.
  • Gathering and sharing statistics, data, information, etc. on relevant topics for the YSP Unit and staff.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This job has supervisory responsibilities over three (3) Youth Support Coordinators. The Professional Development and Advancement Manager is expected to exercise initiative and independent judgment in the supervision and direction of this staff.

  • Assigns deliverable job priorities and reviews work produced for quality and efficiency.
  • Verifies staff time and attendance for accuracy and approves staff time, schedules (vacation, sick, personal and compensatory time) and travel requests.
  • Prepares, completes and signs staff performance evaluations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Experience with professional development.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to inspire by example.
  • Deep understanding of adult learning styles and how to make/offer alternative means of learning.
  • Knowledge of professional development and adult learning styles.
  • Experience with planning and supporting career advancement.
  • Ability to take direction and show commitment to get the job done.
  • Possess strong problem-solving skills, along with the ability to find creative solutions to problems/issues.
  • Demonstrated coaching and training experience, plus knowledge about professional development.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to take the initiative and follow through.
  • Knowledge of community resources.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills, as well as strong presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated experience working with and fostering teams, including working with youth and young adults in a respectful and engaging manner.
  • Ability to hold oneself accountable, as well as the staff one supervises.
  • Knowledge and understanding that a strength-based approach to working with young adults is a key strategy for ensuring their successful preparation for adulthood.
  • Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organization.
  • Ability to look at situations from several points of view.
  • Ability to delegate responsibilities effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds in a culturally competent manner.
  • Excellent computer skills; proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook and Access.
  • Ability to work at a high level of independence, with minimal supervision and function with flexibility.
  • General understanding of human resources, with an emphasis on employee performance improvement plans and corrective action policies.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Consistently advocate and embrace the YSP Unit’s mission and guiding principles.

Education/Experience Requirements:

Master’s degree from an accredited college/university in a related field, plus two years of professional experience working in a human services or related field, including one year of supervisory experience, along with demonstrated success in conducting coaching, training and professional development services.


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university in a related field, plus four years of experience working in a human services or related field, including three years of supervisory experience, along with demonstrated success in conducting coaching, training and professional development services.


Valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle are required.

Salary range: $50,000-$53,000 per year plus a comprehensive benefits package.


If hired for a position, candidates would work for Allegheny County, Department of Human Services and be employed by Great Lakes Behavioral Research Institute.

About Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS)

In Allegheny County, we appreciate people who think big, act boldly, and care about making a difference.  You don’t have to be from here to feel at home, or to make your mark.  With only 1.3 million people in the County, it’s small enough for motivated people to get things done.  Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services (DHS) is a perfect place to get things done that directly affect people in need of a positive and lasting way.  We help children grow up safer and healthier, older adults remain able to live independently, and neighborhoods to thrive.  Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in Allegheny County.

DHS is the largest agency in Allegheny County government, with a budget of over $1 billion. DHS serves more than 200,000 people a year through services that include: Protecting children and youth from abuse and neglect and preventing future occurrences of maltreatment; improving child wellness through family support, home visiting, early intervention and in-home services; providing treatment for behavioral health issues such as substance use disorders and mental illness; managing the care of adults with intellectual disabilities; preventing unnecessary nursing home stays; and services that prevent homelessness and provide shelter and housing for families and individuals.

Why DHS?

  • It is innovative. Most recently, the national attention and awards we’ve gotten are for how DHS integrates data and uses them to improve the safety and well-being of children through tools that support front-line staff in making decisions (using predictive analytics).
  • DHS is diverse, but we strive to be even more inclusive. Our director has made it his top priority that DHS is “the kind of place where a diverse group of talented people want to come, grow, and do their best work.”  This includes equity in hiring and advancement, as well as in unleashing the creativity and ideas of staff at every level of DHS.
  • It has strong, assertive leaders. We do not hire yes-people.

You can make a big impact here.  We stand out as one of the best human services organizations in the country.  But we need problem-solvers, innovators, and terrific leaders to make sure we are smart in how we use our funding so that we reach the people who most need our help to make lives better.

“DHS strives to be the kind of place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come to grow and do their best work.”

-From the organization’s statement on Equity and Inclusion



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