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Improving community ecology with goats!


Allegheny GoatScape’s mission is to reduce invasive and unwanted vegetation in public spaces and vacant lots, utilizing goats for browsing. Working in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allegheny GoatScape accomplishes this mission by partnering with organizations, land owners, and businesses and allowing the goat herd to eat vegetation on the overgrown properties. Giving goats access to intentional properties removes vegetation in an eco-friendly and efficient manner, setting the stage for additional land management and restoration. Allegheny GoatScape also promotes goat husbandry, education, and resources access for those interested in raising goats in the Pittsburgh region.


Board members are required to attend board meetings that occur every other month and serve on at least one other standing committee that generally meet in alternate months, as needed. (All meetings are convened through conference or phone calls at this time until it is deemed safe to do otherwise.) Members will be expected to learn some basic care and knowledge of the animals and organizational processes to be able to support organizational staff as needed.

A board member term is a two year commitment, with an approximate time commitment of four hours per month. In addition, AGS board members are expected to contribute financially in an annual amount that is meaningful to them and their household to help support and sustain the organization.


Allegheny GoatScape first and foremost seeks new board members who are passionate about the environmental health and well-being of the Pittsburgh region and will thrive working collaboratively to oversee and advance the mission of this small, unique non-profit. Particular consideration will be given to candidates with experience in fundraising and grant-writing, animal husbandry, and/or leadership roles.

We strongly encourage persons to apply who have for too long been underrepresented in environmental and non-profit leadership positions.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to Jennifer Layman, Board President, at

To apply for this job email your details to