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Note: This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. Weekday availability only.

The Pillowcase Project, sponsored by Disney, empowers 3rd through 5th grade students to take action before and during an emergency. So, how are pillowcases related to preparedness? After Hurricane Katrina, students in makeshift communities began decorating pillowcases to hold their belongings. The Pillowcase became a symbol of preparation, resilience and recovery.

In the Classroom, the Learn, Practice, Share framework allows students to explore and talk about the environmental causes of natural hazards and the best way to prepare themselves, their families, and communities for emergency situations.

Each student will receive a pillowcase to personalize as well as a My Preparedness Workbook to complete with teachers, family and friends.


Save lives and prevent injury by providing leadership and/or support to Disaster Cycle Services team members through The Pillowcase Project. The Pillowcase Project is a national youth preparedness program offered by Red Cross regions across the country. The 40- or 60-minute presentation provides emergency preparedness education to youth in grades 3-5 (ages 8-11) in school classrooms and other settings. Numerous tools have been developed for this program including a standardized curriculum, workbook, quizzes and activities which have been carefully constructed with the help of curriculum and hazard experts. Many tools for presenters have been developed to foster consistency and fidelity to the program goals and objectives. The highly interactive presentation addresses home fire safety, a local natural hazard, psycho-social coping skills and household preparedness steps like making a plan and a kit.


Worker roles include either being a presenter, presentation assistant, administrative support, or presenter trainer.

Teach the youth how to respond when emergencies happen by helping young children learn how to identify hazards such as a gathering thunderstorm or an active stove.

This role will teach students how to stay safe during common emergencies by moving to safety while seeking assistance from adults.

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