Thrift Store & Building Operations Manager, Social Enterprise

Beaver County Humane Society

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The Thrift Store & Building Operations Manager provides leadership, supervision and administrative support in the areas of staffing, merchandising, business development, community outreach, production and recycling at the Beaver County Humane Society’s thrift store operation and will play an integral role in any future social enterprise within the building to generate revenue to support shelter programs and services. The Manager recruits and manages staff and volunteers; oversees all building space rentals, marketing, promotions, sales, and donations of merchandise; acts as a liaison with the Beaver Falls business community; expands our customer base/network and oversees internal fiscal controls. This is a FT exempt position with health, dental, vision, and vacation provided after completion of a 90-day probationary period. The Manager is a member of the Senior Management Team.

The business and social environment that our thrift store operates in is rapidly changing. What worked yesterday may not work today and will likely not work tomorrow. To thrive, we must incorporate new ways of thinking and embrace new practices. It is critical that all employees aspire to a commitment to BCHS’ mission; excellence in everything we do; performance and quality improvement; outcomes and measured results and innovation.

Supervisorial Responsibilities

Directly:  5-7 employees
Indirectly: 10-15 volunteers

Store Management & Merchandising

  • Develops and implements written procedures for store operations, including opening, and closing the store; procedures for accepting, sorting, pricing donations; security procedures for staff and volunteers, handling of cash, and other relevant procedures as needed.
  • Oversees the processing of donated items, manages the rotation of items and the recycling or disposal of donated items in a timely fashion.
  • Appraises and prices house wares, furniture and “mark-up” textiles with the intent of making the most monetary value.
  • Effectively utilizes online channels to sell items.
  • Maintains and increases knowledge of resale, thrift, consignment and retail trends.
  • Meets periodically with other thrift shop managers for networking.
  • Participates in training plus performance and quality improvement efforts.

Building and Management

  • Manages all aspects of the Thrift Store building, including building upkeep and maintenance, retail operations and rentals. Keep an open line of communication with administration.
  • Works with supervisor, senior team and Board in future development of unused building space and helps evaluate the feasibility of potential building opportunities in concert with organizational mission and goals.
  • Coordinates outside contractors that may be working in the building.
  • Represents BCHS to community stakeholders and the general public. Strategizes and plans outreach to garner community support for projects.  Attends and participates community and government organization meetings as needed.

Staff and Volunteer Management

  • Assesses the store’s need for staff and volunteers and coordinates the hiring, supervision, evaluation and professional development of staff.
  • Develops schedules for paid staff, works with the volunteer coordinator to recruit and orient new volunteers and develops a daily schedule of volunteer coverage to maintain adequate personnel at the store to accomplish tasks and respond to customers.
  • Provides training and supervision for staff and volunteers.
  • Conducts regularly scheduled communication with staff and volunteers to provide direction, guidance and oversight.
  • Provides timely direction and written and/or verbal feedback to staff and volunteers.
  • Ensures staff and volunteers are fully trained and competent to perform the elements of their job as defined by job descriptions.
  • Takes corrective action when necessary and ensures staff and volunteers are knowledgeable of BCHS policies and procedures.

Marketing & Promotion

  • Manages and oversees all aspects of Thrift Store advertising and marketing, including online visibility and social media.
  • Analyzes sales and current inventory in order to provide projections and recommendations to grow or retain customers and increase sales.
  • Oversees the display of merchandise inside the store to enhance the appearance and appeal of the store.

Customer Service

  • Provides customer-focused service to internal and external clientele and ensures staff and volunteers follow same standards.
  • Promotes excellence in the customer service experience for all visitors to the thrift store through staff and volunteer training, stakeholder surveys, and/or focus groups.

Financial Management

  • Develops annual revenue projections, meets financial goals and follows financial policies.
  • Understands budget management; controls petty cash expenditures.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree highly preferable or equivalent retail/resale experience and minimum of 4 years in retail management and minimum of 3 years supervisory experience required.  Experience overseeing volunteers and/or program development a plus.

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