Financial Associate / Office Manager

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Pittsburgh, Inc.

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General Description:

The Finance Associate / Office Manager position reports to the Executive Director and provides assistance in the areas of financial record keeping and general administration of the Pittsburgh Boys Hope Girls Hope Program.  The Finance Associate / Office Manager is responsible to assist the Executive Director in administrative functions.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Budget & Reporting
    • Administers the QuickBooks Program.
    • Enters approved budget (all line items) into QuickBooks and develops a cash flow chart.
    • Prepares financial reports (Account Balance & Profit/Loss) for each Board and Executive Committee Meeting.
    • Prepares forms and reports for yearly Budget Preparation.
    • Gathers information and prepares reports for Annual Financial Audit and is available during audit to provide needed documentation, reports, etc.
    • Does monthly reconciliation of the bank accounts and bank deposits.  Prepares and forwards monthly financial reports to Boys Hope Girls Hope Network Headquarters.
    • Prepares monthly financial report for Executive Director.
    • Prepares Eligibility Requirement form for Not-For-Profit Organization through Christian Brothers.
    • Prepares 1099 Forms at the end of each tax year.
    • Distributes W-2 Forms to employees when they are received from Network Headquarters.
    • Prepares forms for annual Workers Compensation Audit.
  2.  Insurance
    • Acts as the liaison with Network Headquarters regarding health insurance data for all employees.
    • Maintains records of house vehicles (Registration Renewals, Insurance, etc.)
    • Prepares all auto accident claim forms and is the contact person with the Insurance Company.
    • Requests Certificates of Insurance from Christian Brothers when needed.
  3. Payroll & Accounting
    • Reviews and enters ADP payroll information into QuickBooks for each pay period.
    • Prepares 401K paperwork for each pay period and does an ACH transfer of employee contributions to the fund.
    • Reviews timesheets, submits to Executive Director for approval and forwards summary sheet to Network Headquarters.
    • Processes and pays all invoices; makes copies and files invoices for Audit.
    • Makes regular bank deposits; makes copies of all checks and other income and files for Audit.
    • Enters all deposit data into QuickBooks from Salesforce Gift Detail Report.
    • Tracks timesheets of tutors and submits invoices for reimbursement to the Intermediate Unit that serves Boys Hope Girls Hope.
    • Maintains records of tuition payments.
    • Processes and manages all credit card transactions.
    • Monitors bank accounts through on-line banking and makes transfers when needed.
    • Manages office petty cash account for staff members.
    • Enters petty cash, credit card and debit card expense information into QuickBooks each month using receipts submitted by staff.
    • Enters Depreciation information into QuickBooks each month.
    • Submits Employee Education Assistance forms to Network Headquarters for reimbursement.
  4. Office Management
    • Maintains and submits orders for all office supplies.
    • Makes stamp purchases.
    • Prepares and sends Tribute & Memorial cards to donors.
  5. Other Duties
    • Assists with several fundraising events as needed.
    • Assists with in-house mailings as needed.
    • Fulfills other agreed upon duties as requested.


A Bachelor’s degree is preferred and some administrative experience is required.  Computer competence, willingness to learn financial and administrative processes of Boys Hope Girls Hope and the ability to work in a team setting is essential.

If interested, please submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Tom Wiese at

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