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The Crossover Program Coordinator is responsible for the management and quality of the Crossover program’s athletic, recreational, and academic output. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: identification, hiring, and supervision of qualified staff; the creation of a healthy recreational environment that promotes student accountability and reinforces academic themes in a fun and youth-friendly atmosphere. Similar responsibilities are carried out under the Crossover Program Coordinator’s direction in the Camp Hazelwood summer program. This position requires that the core values and mission of Center of Life be embraced and imparted to participating staff and students.

COL Position Classification:

Annual, full-time salaried

Immediate Supervisor and Title: Sarah Crawshaw, Fusion Program Manager

Primary Goals, Duties, and Responsibilities:

Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation:

  • Oversee all aspects of quality of care, safety, and operation of the Crossover, Camp Hazelwood, and summer basketball programs
  • Collaborate regularly with Fusion Program Coordinator to receive academic benchmarks and standards to be reiterated during Crossover and in full alignment with Fusion’s academic goals by grade level
  • Create and implement a curriculum that is heavily based on Fusion’s academic standards while incorporating enrichment activities that are hands-on, interactive, youth-friendly, and relevant to each student’s grade level
  • Develop and lead activities that enable students to move their bodies, learn nutrition, develop leadership skills and enhance character-building traits
  • Collaborate with Education Team to regularly update Fusion/Crossover program policies and procedures in alignment with Center of Life’s educational, ethical, and legal standards and communicate said standards to program staff
  • Ensure the safe transportation of enrolled students to and from Crossover programming with Center of Life vehicles
  • With assistance from the Outcomes and Evaluations Manager, update programming to fit the most current academic needs of enrolled students
  • Maintain a positive and productive recreational environment that is inclusive of all students
  • Ensure a clean and safe environment for recreational activities and student participation the program.

Family and Community Outreach:

  • Develop and maintain open communication with parents/guardians of participating students
  • Meet with COL’s Family and Community Engagement staff on a regular basis to develop a comprehensive approach for engaging the families of children within Crossover.
  • Create new and maintain current relationships with partnering organizations and recreational facilities for the benefit of increasingly productive youth programming including Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Conduct outreach within the Greater Hazelwood Neighborhood and beyond to enhance Crossover programming opportunities and develop a comprehensive network of opportunities to provide to students

Part-Time Staff Supervision:

  • Identify and hire qualified Crossover support staff
  • Directly oversee the Fusion/Crossover Assistant Program Coordinator and Crossover support staff to ensure appropriate and productive student supervision
  • Conduct seasonal staff evaluations

Administrative Tasks:

  • Oversee Fusion/Crossover Assistant Program Coordinator to ensure accurate and thorough completion of administrative tasks including student attendance, tutor-counselor transgressions, Department of Human Services food paperwork and delivery, registration forms, behavior tracker, and incident reports
  • Develop and ensure the implementation of program policies and procedures which meet program and state level laws and licensure guidelines
  • Ensure Crossover compliance with quality campaign membership standards in the Allegheny Partnership for Out of School Time (APOST) and Department of Human Services.
  • Complete payroll for part-time Crossover staff in a timely and honest manner.
  • In collaboration with the Management Team, develop a yearly budget for the Crossover program.
  • Maintain records of budgetary disbursements using COL budget expense tracking forms.
  • Participate in the development of reports concerning Crossover for funding agencies, compliance agencies, COL internal strategic planning and annual reports as directed

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to Center of Life reports as requested including, but not limited to: Department of Human Services, funding agencies, etc.
  • Attend weekly Center of Life staff meetings
  • Maintain regular office hours
  • Meet biweekly with Supervisor


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Education, Exercise Science, Youth Development, or another relevant field
    Experience in youth recreational setting
  • Commitment to nurturing and leading children through the mission of Center of Life Excellent judgment and creative problem-solving skills including conflict resolution skills
  • Proven track record of success in youth education and development
  • High energy, flexibility, willingness to collaborate, and proactivity
  • Pennsylvania Criminal History clearance, PA Child Abuse clearance, FBI fingerprint clearance, Mandated Reporter Training, and National Sex Offender Registry clearance
  • Commitment to the mission of COL

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