Outcomes and Evaluations Coordinator

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The Outcomes & Evaluations Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of outcomes data from all programs. The Coordinator works with Program Coordinators to develop measures and tools consistent with the curriculum for the program and that accurately reflect the effectiveness of each program at accomplishing its stated goals. The Coordinator works closely with the Development Manager and the Director of Programming to shape outcomes reports that will satisfy the requirements for funders and compliance agencies. The Coordinator is responsible for all data acquisition, analysis and reporting that is necessary for COL to conduct internal research and that may be published or used for quality improvement.

Duration: Full time, annual position

Immediate Supervisors and Titles: Business and Compliance Manager & Director of Programming

Primary Goals, Duties and Responsibilities:

Program Assessment

  • Work with various COL staff to routinely and creatively contribute to the development of program curricula and organizational practices.
  • Utilize, revise, and develop additional, as needed, evaluation measures and tools to assess the stated goals of all individual programs and the organization overall.
  • Ensure that all measurement instruments are appropriately delivered, and all individuals involved in assessment are appropriately trained in the use of individual measurement tools.
  • Collect and store all data from in-house assessments, parents, community stakeholders, and additional outside sources.
  • Maintain data-sharing partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools.
  • Maintain secure, orderly records of all paper or digital gathered COL-related outcomes and student/family information.
  • Provide comprehensive insight into outcomes progression of the organization during strategic planning sessions.


  • Revise reporting instruments of outcomes assessments to be used by in reports to compliance and funding agencies.
  • Establish a definitive schedule for provision of outcomes assessment summaries based on programming schedules.
  • Contribute data to the annual report and other media releases.
  • Generate novel outcomes summaries as requested by the Executive Director, Director of Finance, Development Manager, and Business and Compliance Manager for use in reporting to the Board of Directors, in formulating grants, or appealing to individual donors.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Oversee all administrative aspects of data management including ongoing student registration for each program as well as tracking family participation and event attendance.
  • Create, oversee the implementation of, and analyze data collected from parents, families, and community stakeholders on the impact and reach of programs and the organization as a whole.
  • Participate in strategic planning events and ongoing strategic planning by providing research and outcomes data designed to promote thoughtful evaluation of COL programming.
  • Remain abreast of new best practices and professional development/networking opportunities.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Attend development and community events and meetings as requested.
  • Maintain regular office hours including routine observation of each program.


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • Experience in data management and/or academic and performance outcomes strategies.
  • An aptitude for:
    • Managing large volumes of data in a digital environment.
    • Concise reporting design and generation.
    • Understanding how outcomes reports must be tailored for funding, public relations, compliance and internal assessments.
    • Working with children of all ages during the outcomes assessment process.
  • Functional competence in Microsoft Office suite and other data management software.
  • Clear local, state and federal clearances, and child abuse checks and complete all COL employment documentation.
  • Commitment to the mission of COL.

To apply for this job email your details to joy.cannon@centeroflife.net