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Position Overview

The Crossroads School Counselor plays a mission-critical role in the work of the organization as an advocate, mentor and advisor for Crossroads scholars’ grades 9 -12.  The School Counselor works with scholars individually to support academic and personal success; in addition, counselors engage with families, school administrators and teachers, program staff and community organizations to fully support each young person’s progress on the path to college.

This position is a salaried, full-time position working 40 hours a week.  Some evenings and weekends required.  A car is a must.  Qualified candidates should have a B.A. in Education (Special Education or ESL certification a plus), Psychology, Counseling or a comparable social service field with experience working with adolescents in an academic setting or in youth development.  Candidates with graduate degrees or who are currently pursuing graduate work in Education or related fields are a plus.


Candidates must enjoy working with young people and understand the environmental and personal influences on teens’ motivations and behaviors. Candidates must be able to communicate with people of all ages and cultures, and should have experience in coaching and advocating roles.  Experience with urban youth, first generation college students, youth from low income communities or immigrant youth is highly desirable.  The ideal candidate is self-motivated, success-oriented, and proactive; they are able to troubleshoot, efficiently solve problems and recommend interventions.  In addition, they are comfortable working independently as well as collaboratively as a member of a team.  The candidate must also be able to multitask, forge strong relationships with school personnel and thrive in a fast-paced environment with other professionals to achieve a common goal.  Lastly, a strong candidate will have familiarity with the academic environment, a college-prep curriculum, and school scheduling and environments.

This position reports to the Lead Counselor/College Access Coordinator and works as a member of the Direct Service team alongside other school counselors and the Academic Director.

Key Responsibilities:

Guidance & Counseling

  • Demonstrate ability to help High School scholars maximize their personal/social development, academic achievement, and college/career readiness in a proactive manner.
  • Advise scholars in the areas pertaining to:


  • Work with students who are struggling academically, communicate with parents and coordinate efforts among teachers, support teams and specialized services established in schools.
  • Recognize need for academic interventions and provide additional supports that are crucial to their development in HS and beyond.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of HS environments, scheduling, systems and protocols.  Adept in assisting scholars understand, interpret and adhere to school cultures and policies.

College/Career Readiness

  • Meet with students to set goals and help guide them to plan for their future.
  • Initiate meaningful discussions around career interests, abilities and values to optimize course selection and college preparation; explore professional/career aspirations.
  • Help scholars develop skills that promote lifelong learning behaviors needed to succeed.

Personal/Social Wellness

  • Demonstrate understanding of multicultural issues and individual differences in order to assist each scholar enhance their personal/social development.
  • Demonstrate ability to empower scholars to have ownership over their own learning and behaviors.
  • Capable of identifying scholars’ needs for support services in order to make appropriate referrals.

Other Areas of Responsibility:


  • Interpret relevant scholar information to school personnel regarding the needs of scholars; collaborate with schools to find ways to help scholars identify their strengths and challenges so that they can receive the appropriate help.
  • Consult with all invested parties and outside resources when necessary to assist scholars overcome social/emotional hurdles and academic obstacles.
  • Understand when it is appropriate to refer scholars to special programs and services.

Program Assistance 

Counselors function in the area of program support within the Crossroads Foundation and will:

  • Define needs, priorities and appropriate objectives for each scholar; support program director and other staff to ensure program implementation and compliance as well as areas for improvement.


  • Analyze assessments and inventories provided by Crossroads and interpret standardized test results and other assessment data to guide students in individual goal setting and planning.
  • Provide analysis of scholars’ needs, document contact hours, and collect outcomes data on a regular basis.

Professionalism, Standards & Competencies

  • Respect ethical boundaries by honoring the confidentiality of scholar information.
  • Knowledge and application of organizational procedures and policies consistently and equitably.
  • Collaboration with supervisor and other staff members to problem solve and offer services to scholars and families in professional and appropriate ways.

Additional Qualifications

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Fundamentals of academic advisement with emphasis on development of urban youth from underserved populations with limited resources; understanding of mental health issues; ability to recognize a potential behavioral health emergency and need for referral to a mental health professional.
  • Educational systems, preferably at the high school level and able to effectively advocate for youth while delivering the additional academic and personal support scholars need to thrive.
  • Strong computer skills including working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Excel, School Data collection systems.

To Apply:

Interested individuals may apply confidentially by submitting resume, cover letter and references to: Starting salary range for this position is $38,000-$45,000 dependent on education level and years of experience.  Crossroads Foundation is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring and developing a diverse team of professionals reflective of the communities we serve.

To apply for this job please visit