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Family House was founded in 1983 by community leaders who saw a gap in the growing and evolving health care system in Pittsburgh and southwest Pennsylvania. At the same time individuals in the region were developing a reputation for expertise in organ transplant procedures. After observing countless family members sleeping in hospital corridors and waiting rooms for nights on end as their loved ones received medical care, they knew that something had to be done. Their care, compassion, and action led to the opening of McKee House in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, in close proximity to the world-class health care institutions that had been established there. This symbiotic relationship has supported the growth of both the healthcare system and Family House in the region. Today, 33 years later, the mission of Family House is to provide an affordable “home away from home” for patients and their families who are seeking medical treatment in Pittsburgh area hospitals.

In addition to providing housing, Family House and the volunteer groups organize activities to offer support to patients and families. Seasonal holidays, movie nights, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners and similar events are regular features at each Family House home. Hospital Pastoral and Social Work programs cooperate closely with Family House to ensure that guests receive appropriate emotional and spiritual support. A common occurrence in a Family House home is for a family member experiencing a difficult circumstance to bond with another resident facing something similar, and receive support to lift their spirits. Friendships are created, mutual emotional support is provided, and lives are permanently and positively changed at Family House. The culture combines care, compassion, and support, which makes Family House different from a hotel, or another form of temporary housing.

Due to the success of the initial McKee Place house, the organization has strategically grown in size, impact and complexity. Today, Family House is an essential partner to the world-class health care community with which the Pittsburgh region has become synonymous. There are now four fully-operational houses with 162 guest rooms (three houses are open with 130 guest rooms), a separate administrative office, staff of 55 (full and part-time) and a strong board of directors consisting of connected and dedicated community leaders.  The revenue model for the organization is strong, with earned revenue comprising 70% of its budget, and room occupancy rates at 78% (currently with three open houses).  Each of the four houses is owned or managed by the nonprofit corporation, and due to strong community, corporate and foundation support there is no debt service on any of the facilities. The organization has an annual operating budget of $4M, with board-designated and restricted reserves of $5.7 M, which includes a Family Assistance Fund to supplement the cost of those who need housing and services and do not have the ability to pay. On an annual basis, Family House directly impacts 12-14,000 individuals and family members.

More information on Family House can be found by visiting their website – http://www.familyhouse.org/ 

Position Overview:

Family House is seeking a dynamic leader who is passionate about its mission, while also possessing demonstrated operational and strategic acumen. The successful candidate must have a drive for excellence, standards and innovation, and desire to make Family House a leader in this field. The Executive Director must be a proactive and strategic thinker who views Family House in the context of the changing healthcare landscape, and can implement plans with these dynamics in mind. This full-time, exempt position reports to the Family House Board of Directors, and works most closely with the Board’s Executive Committee. The Executive Director is responsible for overall management of the comprehensive business of Family House. S/he acts as the executive officer of the organization, including overseeing areas of: development, public relations, operations, human resources, policy, community/volunteer resources and finance. The Executive Director works collaboratively with the Board of Directors to ensure operations are consistent with the philosophy and mission of Family House.


The Executive Director is accountable for ensuring that the following is achieved by the organization:

  1. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, establishes the mission/vision, philosophy, strategic direction and goals and objectives for Family House.
  2. Through supervision of operating staff, determines policy for and directs the short and long-term operations of Family House facilities, interaction with volunteers, and the relationship of Family House with the patients/guests at each facility.
  3. Develops and maintains community relations and oversees interactions with foundation, corporate, government, civic, educational and medical community groups.
  4. Maintains the positive public image of Family House on a local and national basis through interaction with all media and professional organizations.
  5. In collaboration with hospitals, universities and other organizations, investigates, evaluates and, when appropriate, implements new programs or services to enhance/expand services to the community.
  6. Oversees development of and monitors actual outcomes relative to annual operating and capital budgets. Ensures all financial operations are conducted according to policy by the organization’s director of finance.
  7. Through direction of staff, oversees all fund raising activities with individual donors, foundations, corporations, patients and families.
  8. Through coordination of efforts of board members, volunteer committees, public support groups and staff, directs the major annual fund raising events.
  9. Serves as the lead staff, non-voting member of the Board of Directors. Develops and maintains strong relationships with Board members, cultivating and recruiting new Board members in collaboration with existing Board members.
  10. Performs other duties which may be assigned by the Board of Directors or be required to meet emergencies.

Performance Objectives:

The successful candidate will be expected to address specific challenges currently facing Family House. After hiring the right individual for this role, the organization should see the following changes in its operations:

  1. An increase in the occupancy rates across all open houses (currently 78%).
  2. Oversee and manage a guest/family relations initiative including metrics.
  3. Diversification of contributed revenue, with increases in corporate and individual support.
  4. Connections to the community made more substantial, with increased awareness and referrals being generated from a more diverse cross-section of the regional health care community.
  5. Implement and manage the strategic plan developed in concert with the Board of Directors, which will fund the long-term facility needs of each house.

Special Skills and Abilities Required: 

The successful Executive Director candidate needs to possess the following:

  1. Demonstrated fund raising ability from diverse sources, as well as a track record of friend- raising, relationship cultivation, and effective collaborations.
  2. An individual who has, or can establish a strong position, stature or access to the greater Pittsburgh civic, corporate, educational, or social community.
  3. Demonstrated organizational and leadership skills, as well as the energy necessary to be an influential, effective community leader. This includes financial modeling and scenario planning.
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with the general public and private organizations regarding Family House mission/philosophy and operations.
  5. The ability to fulfill Family House objectives through effective management of staff and associated professionals, including the ability to inspire and develop the Family House team.
  6. Ability to establish and meet personnel, financial and non-financial corporate goals for operations.
  7. A passion for the mission of Family House, and the ability to stimulate excitement in others to generate support and re-invigorated interest in the organization.
  8. Using own understanding of key market drivers to create and seize business opportunities to expand fundraising into new markets, new initiatives, and/or profitable endeavors.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

The successful candidate possesses a blend of the following:

  • At a minimum the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution. Preference in a healthcare related field; master’s degree preferred.
  • Prior experience in the management of community based and non-profit and/or medically orientated organization is strongly preferred.
  • 10 years of senior leadership experience, the majority of which must have involved significant management or direction of similar scale of resources, systems, personnel, etc. as the Family House operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to creatively solve organizational challenges, and strategically address problems.
  • Experience in writing grants and submitting funding applications as requested, and the ability to both direct and lead fund development efforts.


This position offers a competitive six-figure salary, and a generous benefits package, consistent with other nonprofit organizations of similar size, scope and scale. For more information on this please consult the organization’s IRS Form 990 on Guidestar.

Applications are accepted through the following site: http://nonprofittalent.applytojob.com/apply/QUs60I/Executive-Director-Family-House 

APPLICATION MATERIALS DUE BY: Friday, October 21, 2016

Family House has retained Nonprofit Talent to assist with this important organizational change process. Interested individuals wishing to confidentially discuss this opportunity may contact Todd Owens, Principal at 412.512.3879, or email Todd@NonprofitTalent.com. Applications are not accepted at this email address. Please direct all inquiries related to this position to Nonprofit Talent and do not contact anyone on the Family House staff or board of directors.

Family House is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply for this job please visit nonprofittalent.applytojob.com.