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The Foundation of HOPE is seeking a dynamic, compassionate individual to lead its Chaplaincy Services Program in the Allegheny County Jail and Shuman Center. The Director leads by example, modeling integrity, cooperation, and spiritual maturity. Even as the Director is grounded in his/her own faith tradition, s/he is an interfaith chaplain, respectful of all religious traditions and faiths and ensuring the free exercise of religion for all jail inmates. The Director is a well-organized administrator and effective supervisor of staff and volunteers. The Director serves as an ambassador for the inmates, the Jail, and the Foundation of HOPE in the wider community.

1. Program Oversight

  • Serve as the key representative of the Department of Chaplaincy Services to Jail administration, the Foundation of HOPE, and the wider community.
  • Provide visionary, collaborative leadership for the Department of Chaplaincy Services, setting and achieving goals and establishing strategic direction for the Department in collaboration with Foundation of HOPE’s Executive Director.
  • Propose an annual budget for the Department of Chaplaincy Services and manage Department funds throughout the year, maintaining up-to-date records of expenses and income.
  • Develop, implement, and enforce all policies and procedures of the Chaplaincy Department.

2.  Chaplaincy Staff

  • Train, supervise and evaluate all members of the chaplaincy staff, including salaried and contract chaplains.  This includes updating respective job descriptions, maintaining work-time log records, keeping personnel files, conducting annual written evaluations, documenting personnel policies, and tracking jail property.
  • Monitor reimbursements of chaplaincy staff expenses.
  • Convene regular Chaplaincy staff meetings and build teamwork among staff.
  • Monitor vacation requests and paid time off.
  • Fill in for services rendered by Chaplaincy Services staff members during their absence due to vacation, illness, personal days (as needed).

3.  Jail Administration

  • Work with the Warden/their designees and Christian Associates’ staff to negotiate and complete the annual Chaplaincy Services contracts between the Jail and Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania, and between Shuman Center and Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania
  • Ensure the Department’s staff and volunteers abide by all relevant Jail policies.
  • Attend Jail Administrative meetings as requested by the Warden and/or Director of Inmate Programs.
  • At the invitation of the Warden, participate in interdisciplinary committee meetings, developing treatment plans for inmates in consultation with Psychiatry, Medical, Case Management, Chaplaincy Services, and Security.
  • Prepare and submit a monthly report to the Executive Director, the Warden, Director of Inmate Programs and Allegheny County Jail Oversight Board, highlighting participation of inmates, correctional officers, and volunteers in programs sponsored by the Department of Chaplaincy Services.
  • Coordinate and/or participate in special events as requested by the Warden (e.g. Annual Memorial Service, Correctional Employees Week activities, Correctional Officer Graduation).
  • Work to ensure that the Allegheny County Jail Chaplaincy Program meets the standards as required for accreditation by the American Correctional Association.
  • Contribute, as requested, articles for the Jail Administration newsletter and/or Annual Report.
  • Coordinate the orientation program for all new Jail inmates

4.  Religious Services, Instruction, Diets & Articles

  • Advocate for, schedule, supervise and keep accurate records of weekly and special religious services for members of the Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Jewish faith traditions. Coordinate and secure spiritual care for inmates who are of other religions (Native American, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) Conduct/supervise services of the Protestant faith in coordination with the Protestant Chaplain as needed.
  • Recruit, train and monitor staff and volunteers to ensure that inmates have access to attend weekly services and/or religious instructional times.
  • In absence of Chaplaincy Staff, and with approval from Jail Administration, provide supervision of inmate-led services (e.g., Muslim Jum’ah services).
  • Periodically monitor the make-up of the religious faiths represented in the jail to ensure appropriate religious services are provided to all groups.
  • Ensure that the religious rights of inmates to gather for worship and to practice their faith are not being compromised.
  • Ensure religious diets are honored by the Jail in cooperation with Food Service Department
  • Solicit donations of approved religious holy books and articles, and support inmate access to literature through the jail e-book program.
  • Investigate and respond in writing to all inmate complaints in which an inmate claims his/her religious rights are being compromised.

5.  Pastoral Care

  • Recruit, train, schedule, supervise and monitor the effectiveness of volunteer chaplains to assist in providing an inter-faith pastoral presence on each pod in the jail
  • Ensure that lock-down pods are visited by a member of the Chaplaincy Services staff weekly.
  • Ensure that clergy/qualified lay persons have access to meet their parishioners who are incarcerated through serving as Religious/Spiritual Advisors. Keep updated files and document number of visits.
  • Deliver news and document special visits relating to deaths and critical illnesses in inmates’ families.
  • Update curriculum and resource materials for the purpose of orienting new inmates to the services available to them by the Chaplain’s Office.

6.  Acts of Charity & Justice

  • Secure hygienic/stationery items for Chaplaincy indigent care packages.
  • Provide indigent inmates with reading glasses as needed.

7.  Special & Seasonal Events

  • Advocate the scheduling of seasonal events, such as the Christmas card & gift distribution. Plan and organize seasonal events, solicit for donations, and secure staff and volunteer assistance.
  • Advocate the scheduling of special events: concerts, seminars and other events as deemed appropriate and beneficial to the inmate population served.

8. Foundation of HOPE

  • Support the Pre-Release Program, Aftercare Program and Diversion Programs through networking with other community ministries and organizations.
  • Attend bi-weekly Foundation of HOPE leadership team meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly supervision meetings with the Executive Director.
  • Attend Pre-Release Program graduations
  • Solicit for financial and in-kind donations to the Foundation of HOPE via newsletters and direct mailings to active volunteers and donors
  • Assist as needed with the Foundation of HOPE Annual Appeal and fundraising events.

9.   Training & Appreciation

  • Assist when necessary with training sessions for prospective new volunteers.
  • Lead periodic in-services for volunteer and staff chaplains.
  • Contribute to the planning of an annual appreciation celebration for religious volunteers.

10.  Community Outreach

  • Refer family members of those incarcerated to appropriate services.
  • Serve as the primary voice representing the Chaplaincy Services Department through speaking engagements in the wider community
  • Maintain a good working relationship with Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania ensuring smooth execution of the ACJ and Shuman contracts and using the resources of CASP when appropriate to help meet the needs of the Department.
  • Foster positive rapport with members of the Downtown Ministerium, the Pennsylvania Prison Chaplain’s Association, and other relevant professional organizations.
  • Remain in good standing with the Director’s own faith group and complete all requirements for oversight and continuing education.

11.  Correctional Officers

  • Ensure officers and other jail staff receive appropriate pastoral care, particularly in times of trauma or tragedy.
  • Give leadership to all aspects of outreach and in-service training to correctional officers
  • Update curriculum for and conduct a comprehensive orientation to new correctional officers to the workings of the Department of Chaplaincy Services.
  • Secure and distribute relevant resources of interest to correctional employees.
  • Ensure the Department of Chaplaincy Services is represented in paying respects to deceased family members of correctional officers.
  • Send appropriate greeting cards to officers who are experiencing bereavement, illness, or other crises.

12.  Miscellaneous

  • Conduct an annual audit of Chaplaincy Services including but not limited to a religious services audit.
  • Keep files of all records of the Jail Chaplaincy Program.
  • Maintain a historical record, highlighting key activities of the Chaplain’s Office.


The Director of Chaplaincy Services is accountable to the Executive Director of the Foundation of HOPE and the Warden (or his/her designee) at the Allegheny County Jail.


  • M.Div. or equivalent degree in theology or practical ministry from an accredited institution, preferably including at least one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
  • Prior experience in jail/prison ministry
  • Proven interpersonal and administrative skills
  • Supervisory experience required
  • Ordained or approved to function in ministry by an appropriate religious authority.
  • Faith group endorsement

Interested persons should email a resume, 3 references, and a cover letter to: Jody Raeford ( by April 23rd.

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