Community Engagement Coordinator

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The Community Engagement Coordinator will build opportunities for community involvement and grow and strengthen the volunteer base at JFCS. With over 1300 volunteers dedicating time to JFCS annually, the candidate will develop and promote volunteer opportunities, establish onboarding and screening processes, deploy volunteers across the seven JFCS departments and work closely with each department Volunteer Coordinator to support positive and productive volunteer experiences that meet agency goals and client’s needs.

This candidate will work closely with each department to understand programs and services that JFCS offers and develop systems and procedures to coordinate, facilitate, and monitor ways the community can get involved in our services. The Community Engagement Coordinator will create training programs and ongoing educational opportunities for community groups and individuals interested in engaging with JFCS initiatives. This position reports to the Director of Development and Communications.

About JFCS

JFCS is known as a local leader in providing innovative and effective social service solutions to problems facing families and individuals of all ages and walks of life.  Support ranges from counseling services, career services, guardianship services, immigration legal services, refugee and immigrant services, scholarship services and we run the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry.  We offer support without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, familial status, age, handicap or disability.


Bachelor’s Degree (preferred) or work experience in social service, education, leadership, community engagement, event planning or related field. Experience working with community organizations, faith-based organizations, and businesses. Work experience related directly to recruiting, training, monitoring and supporting volunteers is desirable. Excellent English (spoken and written); organizational and communication skills as well as ability to work under strict deadlines. Ability to work a flexible schedule.

Duties And Responsibilities:

Community Outreach

  • Identify and develop relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh Area interested in getting involved and supporting JFCS services through volunteerism, partnership or in-kind donations.
  • Table and present at corporate, community and networking events to promote opportunities for community involvement
  • Collaborate with the Strategic Marketing Specialist and Public Relations Specialist to facilitate campaigns that steward volunteers and attract new volunteers to JFCS
  • Assist in special event and workshop planning and coordination, Pittsburgh Marathon Team, High Holiday Food Drive, Career Fairs and other outreach opportunities
  • Additional duties as needed.

Volunteer Coordination

  • Liaise with department directors and volunteer coordinators to identify emerging needs within each department; and recruit volunteers to support program outcomes
  • Coordinate directly with each department volunteer coordinator to develop and promote new volunteer opportunities
  • Establish screening, onboarding and training procedures and curriculum for volunteers and collaborate with each department coordinator to lead volunteer onboarding and trainings
  • Ensure department staff have the tools and support they need to adequately onboard and supervise volunteers within their department
  • Steward and recognize JFCS volunteers by organizing special events, distributing gifts and providing opportunities for continued education
  • Troubleshoot challenges that may emerge with volunteers
  • Produce accurate, timely reports on volunteer programs and share data and relevant information in a timely manner to the Development and Fiscal departments
  • Other duties as needed

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