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The Volunteer Coordinator will build capacity to help attract, train, and oversee volunteers who will actively participate in refugee resettlement and support the work of the Refugee and Immigrant Services team. This position works closely with team members to identify volunteering opportunities within the different programs and services and will be responsible for maintaining department systems and procedures required to coordinate, facilitate, and monitor volunteer activities. The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for implementing the Community Sponsorship resettlement approach for JFCS that will enable refugees to build community relationships that support long-term integration. This position reports to the Director of Refugee & Immigrant Services.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Outreach and training –

  • Work in collaboration with JFCS Community Engagement Coordinator to identify individuals, groups, and organizations in Allegheny County interested in supporting refugee resettlement.
  • Adapt a training curriculum for volunteers and mentors
  • Facilitate in-person and virtual training for volunteers and mentors (individuals and groups) on cultural orientation, refugee resettlement, resettlement agencies responsibilities, youth programs, the community sponsorship program, the different levels of commitment, and the role of co-sponsorship groups and volunteers.
  • Support JFCS staff as needed to present at events and promote the community sponsorship program at various professional and community settings.

Program Implementation –

  • Identify volunteer and mentor emerging needs within the Refugee and Immigrant Service team and provide and connect team members with volunteers to support programming.
  • Ensures volunteers and refugees understand each other’s roles, monitors volunteers interactions with clients, and responds to volunteers questions and concerns.
  • In collaboration with the direct supervisor and the community engagement coordinator, develops new volunteer and mentor roles, as necessary.
  • Maintain effective communication with mentors, provide ongoing support and technical assistance to mentors and respond to their needs and concerns.
  • Match mentors with youth and adults to create a fulfilling experience for mentors and mentees.
  • Provide guidance to mentors as they work to build supportive relationships with refugee youth and adults.
  • Implements the Community Sponsorship Program: 1. Develops mutually beneficial collaborations with co-sponsor groups and community partners. 2. Help community organizations and cosponsor groups identify their level of commitment. 3. Provides technical assistance to co-sponsorship groups making sure they follow refugee resettlement guidance. 4. Coordinates with refugee caseworkers, medical team, and employment team to assess implementation, identify best practices, successful strategies, and areas of growth. 5. Evaluates and modifies procedures to make sure co-sponsor groups provide holistic support for economic and social integration of refugees in the region.

Accountability –

  • Tracks volunteer and mentor paperwork in collaboration with JFCS’ Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Maintains accurate data on programs through agency information systems and other means.
  • Share data and relevant information in a timely manner to the Marketing and Communications team and the Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Produces accurate, timely reports on departmental programs.
  • Refines and tracks outcomes and benchmarks for departmental programs.
  • Monitors and acts on statistical data related to performance and productivity of departmental programs.
  • Manages quality control of departmental data related to the JFCS information system in collaboration with Clinical Administrator.


Bachelor’s Degree (preferred) in social service, education, leadership, community engagement, or related field. Experience working with community organizations, faith-based organizations, and businesses. Work experience related directly to refugee or immigrant social services is desirable. Excellent English (spoken and written); organizational and communication skills as well as ability to work under strict deadlines; ability to work as part of a team with case workers, employment specialists, interpreters and others. Sensitive to cultural differences of clients and staff from diverse backgrounds; functional vehicle required; able to work flexible hours.


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