Talent and Equity Director

Pittsburgh Arts EDIA/HR Cohort

Pittsburgh Arts EDIA/HR Cohort

About the Organization – Pittsburgh Arts EDIA/HR Cohort

The Cohort consists of five mid-sized Pittsburgh arts nonprofits. We are:

  • August Wilson African American Cultural Center
  • City Theatre Company
  • Mattress Factory
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center
  • Pittsburgh Public Theater

Our five organizations have worked together to bring the role to life, including securing partial funding for the position. Our vision is to bring in an essential resource that we individually could not afford on our own and, moreover, to strengthen our partnership and create shared resources across our organizations. In addition, there will be efficiencies in pulling resources and learning from each other.

About the Role – Talent and Equity Director

We are seeking a dynamic, experienced, and entrepreneurial professional to lead each organizations’ efforts to infuse equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) throughout our people operations, as well as to enhance HR best practices.

You will serve as a key thought partner to each executive team and select department leads in designing and building best-in-class organizations, collaborating with these leaders to support and nurture our most important asset: our people.

Collectively this role will support 100+ full-time staff, 80+ part-time staff, and 200+ independent contractors.

Your responsibilities will include

These action items are here to paint a picture of what you may do on a given day. This list is by no means exhaustive, and we are excited to finalize it with the right candidate.

Strategic Leadership

  • Strategize with Cohort leadership on how to implement EDIA best practices and cultural competency within each partner institution.
  • Manage a compensation philosophy, ensuring that compensation across the five partners is competitive and internally consistent.
  • Partner with each leadership team to identify and work to address staff morale issues as needed.

Staff & Community Engagement

  • Research and identify EDIA-related trainings and resources for staff, artists, and volunteers across the cohort.
  • Manage a “resource hotline” that artists and employees from all five organizations can contact and share HR-related concerns or issues independently, ensuring safe and supportive spaces.
  • Develop and coordinate an annual schedule of shared professional development and training opportunities.
    • The Director will not be responsible for leading training themselves unless it is in an area of their expertise.
  • Create and oversee surveys and assessments to evaluate staff wellness and engagement.
  • Partner with senior staff to develop and lead meaningful staff engagements — including staff retreats and meetings — that strengthen relationships, build culture, and cohere staff around mission, strategies, and work plans.

Human Resources

  • Provide counsel on people best practices and serve as a knowledge resource for policies around personnel and organizational cultural matters within the five Cohort members.
  • Play a significant leadership role in ensuring sound HR policies and procedures are in place within each Cohort member organization.
  • Oversee recruiting practices across the five Partners, with a goal to enhance each organization’s ability to attract diverse candidate pools and demonstrate commitment to EDIA principles.
    • With limited exceptions (e.g., final interviews for senior employees, positions that will work directly with the Director), this position will not screen applicants or interview candidates.
  • Providing guidance and coaching and serving as the first resource for hiring managers’ questions on equitable hiring.
    • When the time is right, it will fall to this role to evaluate if the Cohort should move to a shared Applicant Tracking System (ATS), decide which product best fits our needs, and then implement it.
  • Ensure that Cohort employee handbooks are comprehensive and meet legal standards for personnel management; and that they include anti-oppressive and anti-racist assurances and policies.
  • What this position is NOT: payroll processing, benefits administrator, or daily HR manager for any individual organization. 

You will have the following skills and qualities:

  • Working for racial equity: Consistently integrate a deep understanding of key racial equity concepts into work projects and interactions by addressing implications and impacts of policies, activities, and decisions on race, class, and other group identities. You bring a robust equity analysis to all you do, starting from a self-awareness of your own group identities, to the ability to make decisions and coach others to create just outcomes.
  • Nonprofit talent experience: You have a track record of success in talent recruitment, management, and organizational development. You have the ability to coach and mentor on best-in-class talent management and organizational development practices.
  • Advanced racial equity skills: You have a sophisticated understanding of how race dynamics impact supervisory relationships, organizational culture, partnerships, and overall work and can demonstrate a history of successfully intervening in problematic dynamics and deepening and institutionalizing a racial justice approach and practices within an organization.
  • Strategic decision making: You thrive in a rapid growth environment where you quickly press forward with big ideas. However, you understand this often requires recognizing when to take a step back and create proactive strategic plans that empower your team members. You know how relationships drive the implementation of new systems.
  • Effective collaborator: You’ve successfully worked across cultural lines on a dispersed team, and you have the ability to operate in complex situations. You can easily gain trust from team members and are known for supporting them to ensure they are set up for success.
  • Emotionally intelligent: You are self-aware and perceptive. You nurture relationships and can work and communicate well with all kinds of people. You are optimistic, empathetic, flexible, curious, and well-respected by all who work with you, irrespective of title.
  • Experience with and/or passion for the arts: You are excited to work across five Pittsburgh arts organizations. You are committed to learning and understanding the missions of the organizations and understand the unique opportunities and challenges of arts nonprofit organizations.

What You’ll Need:

  • 7+ years of overall professional experience, preferably relating to EDIA and/or HR.
  • The ability to shift seamlessly between strategic, big-picture thinking and operational, nuts-and-bolts systems building.
  • A track record of embedding equity throughout HR practices, transforming organizations to be inclusive and just, and supporting teams with a rich mix of partners across race, gender, sexual orientation, and other group identities.
  • An enthusiasm for efficiency and the focus to constantly be looking for ways to improve, streamline, and simplify processes.
  • A high capacity to manage one’s own emotions and to identify the emotions of others in order to support staff; ability to facilitate challenging and courageous conversations about race/racism and other topics.
  • SHRM certification and/or comparable certifications preferred, or a willingness to seek certification.

Compensation and Location

While this position supports all five entities, you will officially be an employee of Pittsburgh Glass Center. Benefits include: employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance, 2% employer match on retirement contributions after one year, and paid holidays, vacation, sick, and volunteer time off. In addition, you will receive access to all five entities, including free classes at the Glass Center and complimentary tickets and programming at all cohort member organizations, for example.

This role must be based in Pittsburgh though we are very open to candidates who need to relocate and can offer a small relocation allowance.

Compensation for this role starts at $80K and can increase based on the candidate’s level of experience.

To apply for this job please visit equitablehiringgroup.applytojob.com.