Achievement Consultant 1: Forum Facilitator

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Maintain consistency in, and fully embrace the commitment to always function within the policies and procedures of the Strength-based Family Worker model: to carry out quality services from an empowerment perspective of helping our young ladies and to realize their own voice and power in controlling their own processes and outcomes in helping them to reach their fullest potential and blossom into successful, virtuous women.

Develop a personal and positive rapport with our young ladies which encourages them to live to their fullest true potential and develop positive relationships that empower them to succeed.  Provide exceptional facilitation of our unique curricula.


$17.62 – $20.83 Per Hour

Job Type:



A Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching or other related field; and a minimum of 3 years’ experience facilitating a variety of curricula within a group atmosphere;


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Human Services or other related field;


  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working directly with adolescent female youth.
  • Qualified applicant must have a sincere passion for advocating the success of our female youth.

Reports To:             Achievement Consultation Program Manager

Requirements:        *Must be able to lift & carry a minimum of 15 lbs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

*Please be advised that in the event that face-to-face and in-person restrictions are in order, the Achievement Consultant will be required to carry out all Duties and Responsibilities described below utilizing technological resources including, but not limited to, Video Conferencing.


1)    Maintain our agency standards of conducting all services provisions from a Strengths-based and Empowerment perspective.


a.     Our Achievement Consultants are strength-based Family Workers who utilize services and individualized treatment plans that focus on empowering female youth and their families in the process of teaching them how to achieve and more importantly retain self-sufficiency as productive and successful citizens of our society.


b.     Carry out ALL interaction with participants, especially during the facilitation of our Fabulous Forums, utilizing the process of consulting, (which means that we engage in a reciprocal conversation) with our female youth to support them in determining


2)    Facilitate Ruth’s Way’s Fabulous Forums

a.     Provide educational instruction of our unique curricula within the buildings of our collaborative school agency partners.

b.     Utilize our unique conversation-style facilitation in the provision of educational instruction, for the following Forum programs:

i.     The Life Skills Just for Girls Forum

ii.     The Employment and Job Readiness Forum

iii.     Ruth’s Way’s Remarkable Readiness and Employment Summer Forum

iv.     The Smart Money Management Financial Literacy Forum

c.     Facilitate these curricula in the form of interactive conversations which focus on the long-term benefits for our female youth to achieve successful futures as productive women and are conducted in the form of interactive conversations with our participants vs. talking at them, referred to as our “Fabulous Forums”.

3)    Perform Accurate and Consistent Database Maintenance

a.     Track, document, and measure all participant data using our agency database

b.     Maintain accurate documentation and file maintenance submission in a timely manner per computer entry/database proficiency.

c.     Track participant progress using the following combined methods

i.     Participant participation, engagement and feedback during Forums

ii.     Distribution of data-focused surveys to participants, guardians, and teachers.

iii.     Input and maintain data utilizing agency database


4)    Attend all mandatory workshops and professional development trainings.


5)    Maintain and uphold the Mission and Philosophy of Ruth’s Way, Inc., always exhibiting the following values:



a.     Our Mission:

Our mission here at Ruth’s Way is to empower female youth by showing them that they CAN achieve successful futures, regardless of their past or current situation!  Our goal is to help adolescent females achieve long-term success as ethical, virtuous women of society.


b.     Our Philosophy:

Through the elements of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, we are blossoming our girls into virtuous women!  We encourage our adolescent females to develop a new, value-based mind-set, which helps to sow the seed of a virtuous woman!  The foundation of our 3-F’s Value-Based System, of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, was derived from the values and morals of the Biblical story of Ruth.  Ruth’s entire journey was fueled by her faithfulness to her mother-in-law and her determination to preserve her family connections.  Ruth embraced the value of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness; and she honored a moral-system that was based on great Love, Humility, and Respect.  Most importantly, the core of this value system was family cohesion and preservation.

*We believe that a young lady who has truly embraced these values, will no longer maintain a desire to repeat negative behaviors which are contradictory to these values.


6)    At all times, display the attributes and characteristics of a Virtuous Woman, presenting the representation of a positive female role model for our female youth.

7)     Follow all procedures and processes as established by our Chief Executive Officer

8)     Maintain all files, records, and information as confidential.

*All other duties as assigned

Training Requirements:

  • Mandated Reporter Training

Licensure/Certification Required:

  • Pennsylvania Driver’s License- Achievement Consultant must have access to a motor vehicle, and provide documentation of current licensure, registration, and insurance.

Background Check Requirements:

  • Must have, or agree to obtain FBI, Act 33/34 Clearances
  • Must have or agree to obtain Driving Records from the PA Department of Motor Vehicles

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