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About TRAC Services for Families:

Since 1979 TRAC has worked so that no child will have to face a life without permanency. TRAC was founded by adoptive parents and professionals and established as a volunteer staffed project of the Junior League of Pittsburgh. Today, TRAC is a full service agency that serves as the central resources for permanency information, adoption and foster family recruitment, placement of special needs children, post-permanency support, education, and referral services throughout Allegheny and its contiguous counties. Adhering to the permanency standards of the Child Welfare League of America, TRAC is a multi-service agency serving children who cannot remain with their birth families and the resource families who provide these children permanence. Primarily, the children served fall into several categories. More than half are African American; many are older and/or part of a sibling group who need to stay together; and others have emotional, physical, or mental challenges. Most of these children have experienced multiple moves in the foster care system and high percentages have been victims of abuse and neglect. TRAC works with public and private agencies to implement cooperative, cost effective programs to meet the placement and post-placement needs of these children. TRAC provides recruitment, information and referral services, counseling, family preparation, foster care supervision, post adoption services, in-home and outpatient therapeutic services, and parent and professional education services, to achieve and maintain maximum permanency opportunities for children and their families.


To provide a range of services and resources for children, youth, adults & families to ensure stable relationships & strong community connections.


The Board of Directors is the legal authority for Three Rivers Adoption Council d/b/a TRAC Services for Families.  A Director acts in a position of responsibility for the organization and is charged with ensuring the carrying out of the agency’s mission and the effective governance of TRAC.


As a Director of TRCA Services for Families incumbents are responsible for:

  • Fiduciary Management of the Agency
    Administering the corporate affairs of TRAC for the common benefit of those served, exercising best care solely in the interest of TRAC.

    • Duty of Care:  Exercising reasonable care when making decisions for the organization
    • Duty of Loyalty:  Refraining from the use of information gained through the position of Director for personal gain, acting in the best interest of TRAC.
    • Duty of Obedience:  Being faithful to the mission of TRAC.
  • Organization Oversight
    Hiring, supporting and assessing Chief Executive Officer
  • Setting Policy
    Determining the long-term direction of TRAC by setting policies to be implemented by Chief Executive Officer
  • Assess Performance of Board
    Participating in annual review of Board’s performance as it relates to beings stewards of TRAC


  • Commitment to the mission and goals of TRAC
  • Willingness to actively participate on Board committees
  • Regular attendance at bi-monthly Board meetings
  • Attendance at Annual Meeting
  • Support of and participation in the development of special events, particularly fundraising activities
  • Financial support of TRAC through monetary, in-kind and/or solicited donations
  • Commitment to furthering the reputation of TRAC in the community


A membership term is 3 years.  A Director may serve for 2 consecutive terms before having to rotate off the Board.

  • After rotating off the Board, a Director may be invited and elected back to the Board after a period of 1 year
  • During times of change in the organization, a Director, based on their skills, knowledge and benefit to the overall operation of the agency, may be asked to serve an additional term on the Board

General Duties

  • Actively participate in meetings to ensure the development and implementation of TRAC’s mission and purpose.
  • To honor commitment and dedication by participating in Board committees and being accountable for the completion of goals assigned
  • Ensure compliance with legal issues and standards as set forth by governing entities
  • Ensuring the development of new programming furthers the mission and purpose of TRAC
  • Participate in the development of policies that govern the organization
  • Review and approve financial statements ensuring that appropriate financial controls are in place.
  • Review and approve annual budget ensuring the availability of sufficient funds to carry out the programs and activities of TRAC.


  • Ability to give back to the community
  • Contributing knowledge and skills
  • Making a difference in the life of a child in need of permanency
  • Being the Ambassador of an organization dedicated to the development of healthy, permanent families


Active participant in the annual evaluation of the organization, making recommendations for improvements and changes based on performance and the needs of the community

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