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Unshakeable Motherhood in ℅ Kangaroo Birthing & Maternity is excited to partner with you as our mommy concierge, we are a professional birthing and motherhood empowerment community that aims to provide individuals with the resources, knowledge, network, and mentorship to develop long, impactful lives to birth and beyond!

The NurturHer App team will be responsible for delivery of meals, laundry service, and transportation support of mothers to and from prenatal and mental health check-in appointments. The team is responsible for transportation of flyers to hospitals, clinics, businesses, and nonprofits; updating outreach spreadsheets and maps; and developing relationships with site contacts. Will also be responsible for adding Unshakeable Motherhood program information to local online bulletins and calendars. As well as, have scheduled availability to be selected for a mommy concierge based profile to support mommy to be or mommies who just delivered baby prenatal and postpartum lifestyle needs.


The mission is to establish a community of diverse women who support, exhort and encourage one another along the journey of motherhood. The goal is to ensure Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate system for inspiring and educating women and mothers through proper parenting skills, financial foundations and motherhood navigation support.


  • Responsible for transporting mothers to scheduled services which can include; meal delivery, laundry drop/pick up, or ride to hospital or appointments.
  • Deliver NurturHer program outreach materials from Kinkos
  • Safely transport NurturHer App marketing outreach materials to local hospitals, clinics, businesses, and non-profits specified in outreach plan
  • Remove old flyers at outreach sites as needed
  • Track completed flyer locations and handle first line communication with site partners
  • Update NurturHer outreach plan documents and maps as needed
  • Maintain a friendly and professional relationship with site contacts
  • Share specific information about Unshakeable Motherhood programs with site partners when asked
  • Add Unshakeable Motherhood program information to local online bulletins and calendars as specified in outreach plan
  • Share important site contact information with Unshakeable Motherhood team as needed
  • Meet with the Unshakeable Motherhood Program Coordinator and team mates to share important outreach updates, site partner information, etc.


  • Must have access to reliable transportation (car)
    • All flyers will be distributed in various Northside & other locations.
  • Independent Contractor Project base position lasting 10 month cycle with a three year grant expectancy
  • Organized and efficient
  • Good communication skills
  • Independent worker yet Team player
  • Familiarity with email and spreadsheets (Knowledge of Google Apps is a plus)

Candidates should understand that they will be considered independent contractors, not employees, of the Unshakeable Motherhood.

TO APPLY: Please submit a current resume and cover letter to

Unshakeable Motherhood is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity.

To apply for this job email your details to