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The Host Home Program Staff recruit families and individuals from the local communities to become Hosts. Hosts agree to stably house youth/young adults temporarily with support from the program while the participants are working on goals to transition to more permanent housing options.  These Hosts are screened, trained, and supported by program staff. Participants are introduced prior to any Host and must voluntarily agree to reside with a particular Host. Program staff assist the young adult and host in completing a Host and Participant agreement. Once matched, each young adult is supported by the Housing Stability Coach (HSC). The role of the HSC is to assist the young adult in developing and implementing an individual transition plan. The objectives of this program are to support the young adult in developing, obtaining, and improving daily living skills, education, employment, wellness  goals  and assisting them in moving to a more permanent and safe living situation.

The Life Skills Counselor / LS Case Manager / Coach  /Housing Stability Coach  is responsible for participant guidance, case management, individual and/or group life skills counseling, and all aspects of young adult’s goal achievement  which may include apartment or other housing option location, community relations issues, and liaison related contacts. This includes generating goal plans with youth/client, tracking their accomplishments, submitting all required county, state and federal documentation, as well as maintaining all documents related to the participant records. The Life Skills Counselor 1/LS Case Manager 1/Coach 1/Housing Stability Coach 1 is under the authority of the Senior Vice-President, the Director, the Associate Director and reports directly to the Program Supervisor/Program Coordinator.


  • A mature individual with the ability to identify with and adapt to the goals and philosophies of positive youth development in the independent living program.
  • Possess sound judgment and knowledge of adolescent/young adult development and behavior.
  • Display organizational skills and highly adept at managing multiple tasks and assignments.
  • Successful team members are creative thinkers, are flexible in their approaches to people and projects, and are capable of working with diverse groups of the population.
  • Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license and ability to operate agency vehicles.
  • Ability to navigate stairs is highly preferred (as some locations are not always handicap friendly).
  • Proficient in computer knowledge & skills (i.e. Microsoft Windows software); familiarity with the operations of external databases and Google Suite is desired.
  • Never have been convicted of any prohibited criminal or child abuse offense.
  • Minimum of two-years experience working with adolescents is preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in human services OR an equivalent combination of experience (in the field) with higher education is preferred.

The candidate’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or state of physical disability will not be considered when hiring for this position.

To apply for this job please visit valleyyouthhouse.e3applicants.com.